When you visit a Dominatrix for the first time there is always a high degree of anxiety.  You are putting all your trust in someone you have never met before, and who you are asking to hurt you.  You are going to be totally vulnerable – naked and immobile, so it is entirely natural to have a few questions.

On approaching Mistress Josephine there was an instant recognition of all of those elements and consequently, she answered all of my questions courteously and fully, taking her time so that we both understood each other before we had even committed to meeting.  After a conversation with her, however, there was no doubt that we were on the same page – and so the commitment was made.

I was to be punished….hard….with her canes.

I arrived at her lovely facility in central London and we took care of the initial formalities – a final clarification of what was going to happen – and then it began.

I stripped and was secured tightly to her very comfortable Fetters whipping bench – unable to move and totally exposed, in more ways that one.  I had asked for my arms to be partially secured to enable me to self-administer poppers for the latter part of my punishment.  We would start with 6 of the best – hard and on my cold, naked bottom.

Each one was delivered with alacrity and hurt like hell, but as I eased into the session after the first set, so I began to relax and welcome the pain that was being inflicted.  Set after set, stroke after stroke coloured my naked backside until it was burning hot!

Then, the piece de resistance – and orgasm followed by a final 6 of the best – the trait of a true masochist whose resistance has been eradicated by a climax.  I asked to skip this part of the session, but my timid request was met with a cruel smile and “No – you’re not getting out of it!” from my Mistress.

And so – a final set of 6 – which hurt like hell…but my…what a rush of endorphins at the end!

It was a wonderful first session and I’m sure there will be more – when the cane will kiss my naked backside over and over again….as Mistress Josephine smiles in delight!