Online Domination

Top up your sevitude

Phone, Text & Email Domination

A fun and exciting introduction into the world of BDSM. For those of you that cannot visit in person, phone, text or email Domination is the perfect solution. If you cannot call text or email Domination offers you the chance to interact privately.

I will share your fantasies and explore your mind. You will find yourself serving me and submitting to my power over you.

For those who can visit in person it is always nice to top up your servitude in between sessions. You can book anything from 15 minutes your payment can be done via bank transfer, Cash App (sign up bonus) or Gift Vouchers. You will need to let me know you have made payment so I can confirm it back to you.

I offer a late night/early hour service so for those of you that are night owls it is always worth trying me, it’s never too late to talk and share your fetish fantasies.

Once you have booked your session with me and have made your payment I will ask you to send me a text outlining what you would like to discuss during your session and then you are ready to go.

Cost £35 for 15 minutes you may book as long as you wish.

This way of serving is so much more than a phone call it is sensual, strict and sexy. You can explore any fetish or fantasy privately with me. You can contact me on 07722 177374 and whats app. I look forward to dominating you and exploring your journey with you.

Please note: Late night calls after midnight available by booking in advance.

Mistress Josephine’s Online Shopping Experience

This is a unique tailor made online shopping experience for my slaves who would like to virtually shop with me for outfits, toys and home play equipment. I will guide you through what you need and make the choices for you, if you so wish, to have everything to hand when we play through phone or text Domination.

Alternatively if you would like real time one on one sessions you can bring your purchases with you which will be your personal play bag.

You will find this opportunity will elevate your session with me taking it to further heights than you can imagine.

Share your fantasies and let me make it happen as I can offer you my expert shopping knowledge. I look forward to our personal shopping time together, just let me know what you would like to purchase and leave the rest to your Mistress.

What My Slaves have to say…….

Mistress Josephine’s  phone domination is mind blowing, her voice is so powerful and she will bend you to her will and indulge in every desire you have. Need to visit in person!

Slave Delilah

Mistress Josephine is incredible. As a novice she was caring and listened to my needs, before blowing me away with her seductive tone and instruction. I can’t get the session out of my head

Slave D

Mistress Josephine is incredible. As a novice she was caring and listened to my needs, before blowing me away with her seductive tone and instruction. I can’t get the session out of my headMistress Josephine is incredible. As a novice she was caring and listened to my needs, before blowing me away with her seductive tone and instruction. I can’t get the session out of my head

Mistress Josephine is a Mistress to behold. She, listens to you, cares for you but ultimately moulds you into submission.

I have served Mistresses in person before, nothing compared to this call. I can’t wait to serve her in person. I can not come up with enough superlatives.

Thank you Mistress Josephine. I am totally yours now.

Slave N xx

Mistress Josephine suggested I think about a virtual shopping experience so I took her up on it. She knew me from our past phone chats and knew roughly what I would like. The next day I texted her and she rig

obliged right away and we went ahead with it. She described the colours, sizes, different varieties of clothes, and toys, the complete outfit. She took her time, explained each product thoroughly and made sure I liked it before I went ahead with anything. She asks the right questions and her suggestions are second to none and spot on with what I wanted. She was very experienced and calming and took the time and effort which made me feel appreciated. My very own sexy goodie bag. I would highly recommend this  ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ service. 


I am a very new novice to this very complex scene. I found mistress Josephine through sheer luck and wow what luck. Dipping my toe in by ringing her not knowing what to expect, mistress Josephine took me in, and showed me.

Within minutes I was hooked. Talking through all aspects of what this crazy world involves. Mistress had Absolutely no issues with my lack of knowledge and experience, just steering me through. But just when I felt so safe and perfect, she completely destroyed me.

Mistress Josephine had me rocking and rolling and trying sooooo hard not to cum. (as I did not want our adventure to end.) But then it happened. What I didn’t realise was I would keep cumming ?  and cumming ?  and cumming ?.  I have never had this feeling before. Didn’t even know it was possible. But 6 to 10 times. (I lost count) At one point I wanted to pull my toenails out. I had no control over anything….

The greatest moment I’ve ever had. I need  mistress Josephine  in my life. Everyone needs mistress Josephine in their life.

Slave A ?

Great fun, very sexy and a superb Mistress. Awesome, sexy and Dominant. A memorable call. A must revisit. Beautiful, Dominant and Intelligent. A three in one Lady. A brilliant time with Mistress Josephine. Informative and in charge. Very erotic. A truly wonderful conversation with an expert Dominant Lady

slave ken

Amazing JOI ! Such a sexy voice! She knows what she is doing 😉 Loved it ! Knows what shes doing for sure 😉 x

Big Load ?

Mistress Josephine is truly amazing put me firmly in my place and humiliated me for the pathetic sub I am thank You Mistress for a wonderful call can’t wait to serve You again soon.

Sissy danielle ?

First time I have used this service and I am so glad to have picked this Lady. She blurred the lines between fantasy and reality so well that I didn’t know what to think by the end.


Thank you Mistress for a wonderfully kinky popper fuelled experience. Mmmmm

Popper Lover ❤️

Excellent cuckolding and SPH call. Seductive tone with a stern twist. Perfect


Amazing as always Mistress can’t wait to serve you again you are the best I’ve spoke to.


Amazing Domme be defo ringing again made me feel like the pathetic bitch I am thanks Mistress.