My partner (M, 45) and I (F, 39) have always enjoyed a great sex life but only recently discovered just how desire and adventurous spirit we share when it comes to domination and submission. Once the discussion—and experimentation—had started, it soon became clear that we needed to test ourselves in a specialized environment. When we came across Mistress Josephine’s chamber, we knew it would be ideal. Mistress quickly responded to my initial enquiry, with a follow-up phone call. She was professional, informativeand accommodating but it was her friendly, open manner that put me at ease, building my confidence from the outset. Mistress managed to squeeze in a visit from my partner and I the following weekend, all we had to do was wait and wonder and try to contain the excitement we felt about our little secret. The anticipation and arousal in those few days was exquisite—knowing that we were going to be in an environment where we could bring our wildest fantasies to life made us increasingly open about sharing them with each other, sometimes in the most graphic detail. Arriving at Mistress’ discreet front door as dusk turned into night, we were both fit to burst, although I also felt a pang of anxiety about what might lie on the other side and whether there would be any coming back from it. Any nerves evaporated when we were greeted by sensual warmth of Mistress Josephine in the gorgeous flesh. She made us feel welcome at once, managing to provide comfort and reassurance without dulling our heightened senses. The chamber’s pictures on the website had whetted our appetites but their impact was nothing compared to the thrill of entering it in real life. Hook after hook hung along the back wall, carrying an array of floggers, paddles and whips, along with all manner of collars, cuffs, harnesses and gags, to ensure maximum obedience. There were shelves of plugs and dildos, in a range of sizes fit to fill any hole, and bowls of pegs, clamps, weights and chains, perfect for inflicting pain and humiliation. A large St Andrew’s cross leant against the back wall, to one side there was a cage and examination bed, and a full-size harness hung from the mirrored ceiling. In the middle of the floor, in full view of the mirrored walls, stood—perhaps what we were most excited about—a whipping bench, replete with a delicious array of straps and buckles. The room was a perfectly-lit piece of heaven. Mistress Josephine spent some time helping us to understand the equipment and exploring our wants and needs, offering guidance on what we might like to use, without ever intruding. Once she could see that we were good to go, she briefly explained the logistics for the rest of the evening and made herself scarce—advising us that if we had any additional questions during our stay, we need only ask. No sooner had she closed the door than my partner had stripped, revealing an enormous erection, and I was prowling around in nothing but my stiletto boots and a latex bra and mini-skirt. After a short while perusing the various toys and discussing what fun we could have with them, we were both drawn to the same place. My partner fastened a leather collar around my neck, attached a chain and led me to the bench. He bent me over forward and put my limbs inplace, pulling the straps tightly against my ankles, then calves, then thighs, back, arms and wrists; he gagged my mouth, then inspected his work, carefully ensuring that every part of me was secure, that I was helplessly his. After a few warm-up slaps, he selected a flogger from the wall and began whipping. All I could do was moan and cry into the gag, becoming wetter and wetter. He proceeded to insert various toys into various places, periodically pulling the chain on my collar, lifting my head, so I could see myself in the mirror, prone, with my legs spread out before him. I was aching for him inside me. Eventually, with us both watching in the mirror, he drove his rock hard cock into me, again and again and again. Pulling out every now and then to bring it to my face, so he could rip out the gag and fuck me in the mouth, forcing himself down my throat until I choked, then forcing himself again. Everything became a blur, my mind and body gave themselves up and I was nothing but his plaything, just like I had always wanted. After a long while, he tired and we decided to take a break. As he unstrapped me from the bench I felt a bittersweet combination of sensational physical relief and immediate longing to be made that vulnerable again. We collapsed into the two regular chairs by a low table at one side of the room, sipped water and smoked cigarettes, beaming with satisfaction, yet each of us still wanted more. When we got up again, no discussion was needed about what to do next—I attached a collar and chain to my partner and led him over to the bench, where he obediently got in position and I strapped him tight. All 6’ of his strength and manliness bent over and held down like that is one of the sexiest things I have everseen. I took a meaty flogger from one of the hooks and whacked him across the ass and the backs of his legs, enjoying the feel of its weight in my hands almost as much as the moans of pleasure he emitted. But it soon wasn’t enough. With the help of plenty of lube, I slipped a thumb, then a finger, or two, into his willing anus, graduating to a plug. He groaned with bliss and begged for more but I took my time, searching for the harness and strap-on that I knew would be perfect for us. He watched as I slipped on a slender leather belt and thong, holding a generous black dildo. I loved the way it looked in the mirror, the sense of power was an incredible turn-on. First, I fucked his mouth, watching from above as he gagged and gasped for breath, holding his face at my crotch, so he had to take me again. Then, knowing that he needed to feel what it’s like to be filled up, I put an inflatable gag into his mouth and returned to his exposed rear end. I kneaded the oiled-up flesh and played with the plug, relishing the cries of joy this elicited, eventually pulling on the chain, lifting his head as he had done mine, and asking whether he was ready to be fucked. He nodded, eagerly. I gently removed the plug and slid in, pushing myself deep inside, ignoring his protests—knowing what he could take better than he did. Soon he was writhing in ecstasy as I buried myself as far inside him as possible. Hearing him cry out into the gag and watching him lose himself in that way was like nothing I have ever experienced—when we were done, I felt exhilarated and exhausted, I had come all over again. All in, we spent four glorious hours entertaining and challenging ourselves in Mistress Josephine’s chamber, possibly the best four hours of my life, and we have Mistress to thank for that. We would not have been able to do this without the wonderful service she provided, the environment of safety and security she created, and the extensive array of spotlessly clean toys and treats on offer in her chamber. I don’t know that there will be any coming back from this but that is fine by me.