I knew I had a Dominatrix fetish since i was a teenager, however, I had never done anything about it. As I am now in my mid forties and not wanting to die wishing – I got on the net and came across Mistress Josephine – lucky lucky me. I booked the appointment five days in advance – a bad decision as I thought of absolutely nothing else for the days in between (!) and by the time of my appointment I was a nervous – and excited – wreck (next time I will just get on with it!). Mistress answered her door wearing the requested outfit: Black corset, stockings and shiny black, thigh length boots – plus trademark bob and red lips – fantastic. I was lead straight into her dungeon – which was a tad daunting as I was confronted by an array of whips, canes, hoods, dildos and strap-ons plus a cage, cross and caning bench. Oh well – nothing ventured etc. However, this is where she is the best. As soon as I confirmed my novice status she put me at ease immediately. There was no rush – time was never mentioned. Mistress invited me to sit down on her leather couch; she got me a cold drink and she sat down close by – on a high chair admittedly – automatically confirming her ‘superior’ status in this relationship. We discussed at length what I thought I might like or not like and how the session might work. I said that I was into boot worship; maybe strap-on worship but that beyond these ideas – and that is all they were – I really I had no strong feelings around specifics other than my wish to be dominated by a stunning mistress – which she most certainly is……Finally, we both agreed that Mistress would run a full ‘Novice’ session and that she would take the lead at all times. However, as I was a novice she was very firm in stressing that I should say MERCY ( as opposed to Merci 🙂 ) if I was ever worried or distressed. And so, I stripped naked before her and the session started. Immediately she ordered me to the floor to kiss her boots individually. I was ordered back to my feet and she placed a collar around my neck. Mistress stood back, smiled and began to walk around me – keeping very close – gently stroking my chest, arms, upper thighs and bum with her nails. Oh so gently – but oh so erotic. My cock came to attention staright away. She would brush past it; run her fingers close by – especially on the inner thigh but never actually touch it. The denial was killing me. She then stood in front of me and began twisting my nipples to test my pain threshold – as soon as it became intense she seemed to sense when to let go…..pain and instant pleasure. I was then ordered over the caning bench. I was strapped down – both legs, across the back and my hands were manacled in front of me. She then introduced me to the surprising delights of being beaten. Initially she warmed up my bum with her hand – smacking and rubbing – smacking and rubbing until the moment came when she decided it was Show Time. I was then introduced to the riding crop, whip, rubber and wooden paddles and the cane. I was given a few taster strokes with each implement before she ordered me to count up to six on each stroke ‘ One, thank you mistress’ and so on and so on. Once she had gone through this smorgasbord of corporal punishment – with each stroke being progressively harder I might add – Mistress asked me which one I preferred. She asked in such a gentle way that I happily volunteered that I preferred the whip. The classic succour question as she then proceeded to whip me twelve times on the same terms as before and she certainly did so with great gusto. To my happy surprise, I loved it. ‘ Right – as I have you here so helpless – it would be a shame not to take advantage’, Mistress announced as she snapped on some black latex gloves. Even though I was lying prone on the bench – to my right and running down the entire length of one wall of the dungeon was a floor to ceiling mirror. I turned my head to see what Mistress was doing; from a shelf she produced what I think was a small butt plug/dildo. ‘Let’s see what you make of this’. Gently she inserted the dildo and applied pressure to it – forcing it further into my arse. It felt strange and great at the same time. Mistress kept this up for a few minutes and asked me how I felt. I responded enthusiastically. She then leaves the dildo inside me, and to my horror/delight she begins to clip on a black strap-on belt. Seeing her in all her glory putting on the strap-on blew my mind and almost my cock at the same time. She addresses my arse – removes the dildo – and gently, carefully enters me from behind right up to the hilt. The feeling was exquisite. I watched her in the mirror as she moved backwards and forwards inside me – wearing her Mona Lisa smile fixing me – her black boots rubbing against my thighs; her hands holding my bum or stroking my back or indeed rubbing my cock and balls – as she felt fit. ‘You like being fucked up the arse, don’t you?’ I could only say ‘YES MISTRESS’ Having withdrawn from me – I am unshackled and told to stand. Having been fucked for the first time in my life – standing was not as easy as you would think. Mistress put a cock ring on me and clipped it to my collar via a chain to keep me honest. She also placed two tightly-sprung pegs on my nipples. There was an initial shock as they were pretty sore – great though. I was ordered to the floor and told to lick and worship the entirety of her boots as Mistress leant over the caning bench – not easy as if I got too close my pegs would catch and it would sting like hell. I had to lick her boots from behind and Mistress kindly would open her legs to let me ‘through’ to do the job properly. Having licked and licked there was a real treat instore. Mistress let me caress and stroke her exposed flesh around the the thigh and bum. As you can imagine – i did this to the best of my ability. From time time she would let out a gentle purr!! The new experiences just kept coming. I was ordered to shuffle across to a chair where Mistress sat down – her strap on to the ‘fore. I was ordered to take the cock in my mouth and suck on it hungrily so that she could feel it. Whenever I slacked she would gently force it further into my mouth whilst stroking my cheeks. ‘ You are a right litte cocksucker aren’t you. First you like being fucked up the arse; now you like sucking cock – what a slut you are!’ I had to agree. The session ended how it began. I was ordered to my feet. She stroked me gently – came up close and whispered ‘ you are dismissed’. Mistress Josephine was pitch perfect for me. She was erotic, sensual, fun and compassionate. She got everything right and knew what buttons to press. I am sure she is just as adept for more experienced subs – but all i can say is that every Novice should head to her door. She was just fantastic and again at the end – we chatted about the session and life in general – no rush – time was never mentioned.