My first experience into BDSM was back in 2003. Luckily Mistress Josephine was able to see me and I have been visiting her ever since. Mistress has the ability to take me to another place, a place where nothing matters but the present situation. I.e. being subservient, trying to please and taking my punishment as instructed.

Mistress Josephine’s Chambers are first class and fully equipped with everything needed to keep a slave on his best behaviour. The room is clean, risky and very sensual. I would say that it would be impossible to find such an environment elsewhere. You will feel safe and nervous at the same time.

I have a wonderful balance of friendship and servitude that I have achieved over the years that I have served her. She is a wonderful lady with knowledge of a male slave inner self. Every time I see Mistress Josephine she makes me feel that I am alive. It’s awesome.