This a review of a visit to Mistress Josephine from a submissive’s point of view. And I all I can say if you are attending her Mistress School is pay attention at the back if you know what’s good for you!

Other commitments have led me to confine my deferential desires to serve a dominant lady to the back burner and making me question if the grip submission has over me since my teens was waning.

In my heart I knew this to be false as my latent hunger resurfaced and began to search for a dominatrix who I could serve with pride. I wanted to be sure any new mistress was skilled, intuitive and ruthless in her training.

Apart from the necessary whipping of the submissive’s hide it was important to find a mistress who is aware that feminine domination takes many forms; pitiless teasing, a sharp click of the fingers, a stern verbal order and the denial of sexual relief for days or weeks on end.

After corresponding with the entrancing Mistress Josephine I plucked up the courage to arrange an appointment to reintroduce me to training. I arrived at my destination with plenty of time to spare but it did nothing to calm my composure as I was a flustering mess as I knocked on the dominatrix’s door.

The chambers are airy, clean and light in a secluded West London basement flat with no shortage of equipment to torture hapless slaves. It contained a whipping bench, St Andrews Cross and walls lined with a plethora of bondage, restraint and torture implements.

I was soon reassured by the care and thoroughness Mistress conducted my preliminary interview which was much more inquiring than ticking off a simple check list of likes and dislikes. Feeling at ease for the first time since making the appointment, it is great testament to Mistress’s Josephine’s skills as I swiftly fell back into the role of the quivering subservient.

As it was my first session for some time I preyed corporal punishment would be lenient but I dare not protest as I was quick to learn Mistress Josephine is the type of lady who takes even the most reasonable request as insolent disobedience.

Orders would be obeyed to the letter and I was never to question Mistress Josephine’s methods. The speed at which Mistress Josephine assumes complete control is awesome as I learned strapped down to a bench following a 100 lashes on my backside with various instruments; cane, paddle, whip and crop. Every stroke was to be thanked for and failure to do so could mean starting again.

I was to be secured to an X-cross with my ankles and wrists shackled, where even the smallest misdemeanour’s would be painfully dealt with. I endured nipple torture and the intense stinging pain of Mistress’s whip on my cock and balls even more intense. I yelped and whimpered helplessly but to no avail as I was to suffer even more remorselessly as the intoxicating goddess extended the pain to my nipples.

Even the lightest tweak of my nipples turned up the pain making me wince. Discipline was unrelenting but had its desired outcome to increase my yearning to please, while erasing thoughts of discourtesy and any hint of insubordination.

The calm composure emanating from the warm pre-session chat was already a distant memory as she unshackled my trembling body from the X-cross to cower in front of her throne where I would sooth and massage her feet to her satisfaction. Which you learn to carry out very swiftly. Being allowed to gently caress my fingertips upon her Ladyship’s glorious legs is a privilege indeed but with nervous trepidation.

None of this happened and I escaped further punishment from this charming, stunning and intuitive lady whose professional skill and experience in disciplining men is evident from the word go.

Mistress Josephine’s natural charm and sophistication is matched by the sternness of her sensual iron grip. Physical punishment was balanced with uncompromising verbal and psychological domination which drove me further into submission.

I felt uncannily calm again as we had a brief post session chat and hopefully return to further explore more submission under the seductively beautiful and tyrannical Mistress Josephine who even the most discerning sub would be honoured to worship.