Slave david Appointment with Mistress Josephine I made a same-day appointment with Mistress Josephine having not sessioned for a year. Indeed, I hadn’t seen Mistress for around two years, However, due to a new job, I was able to be in the area and fortunately, she had time to see me. I walked down the street and down into her basement area and knocked the door, my heart pounds with anticipation, as ever. When she answered the door and let me in, I saw that she was as beautiful as ever. Imagine her pictures, only brought to life and more vivid and powerful. She is simply a very beautiful woman. Mistress made me feel relaxed and welcome immediately. We discussed my session in a fair amount of detail, and also my attitudes to things like safety and discretion, something which I found very reassuring. After a while, I paid the tribute – a bargain – and was sent to the bathroom to get ready. I stripped and washed, and then walked into the main dungeon area. Despite – or perhaps because of the huge sense of excitement, I failed to have an erection. Mistress stood and examined me, commenting on my small penis. She then strapped me into her St Andrews Cross and proceeded to torment my balls and penis with a variety of tortures – clips, pegs, a cat o’nine tails and, finally, the coup de grace, some Deep Heat cream. I could see Mistress squeezing some cream into her hand but, strapped to the frame, I didn’t know what it was until it was too late. She massaged it into my cock, the smooth cream helping to get me hard – then after a minute or two the burning started. Mistress was merciful enough to let me wash it off after about ten minutes, the sensation receded to merely a slight burning feeling – a memory of what she had done to me. All the time, Mistress kept up a stream of belittling conversation. Nothing cliched, just expertly delivered humiliating words. She finds your weak spots and presses them. Next I was strapped down over the fucking bench, and once secured, I was fingered by Mistress, wearing her black rubber gloves, and told to try to keep a butt-plug in my bottom. ‘If you don’t, I’ll stick it in your mouth’, she warned me. I did my best. All the time, Mistress was spanking my bottom, quite hard with her gloved hand, and alternating between grabbing my balls from behind and stroking my bottom, The sensation was out of this world. I was under her power, able to watch helplessly in the wall mirror as she manipulated me. The session so far had been quite full-on – no bad thing, but Mistress is very perceptive and she realised that I needed a calmer spell, Mistress sat me down on the floor and invited me to worship her boots. This was the first time I had ever worshipped a Mistress’s feet and it was a revelation. Mistress allowed me to remove her long leather boots, and then permitted me to spend what must have been 15 minutes simply kissing and caressing her perfect feet, clad in sheer stockings. I found this incredibly erotic and calming. I have honestly never felt so submissive, and I have been sessioning for over 15 years. I was now under her spell – it sounds like a cliche, but it was true. I felt so calm and submissive, I would have done almost anything for her. As it was, she lay me on my back on the floor and stood above me, forcing me to look up at her and acknowledge her power. Lying on the floor, gazing up at this strong, confident, dominant woman really brought home to me how inferior I am to her. Mistress knew that it was time to bring the session to a close, and made me lie on my back on the bench while she masturbated me to a climax. Again, looking at her hand moving up and down, almost impersonally, on my penis, was a huge turn-on, and before long I was cumming. As I finished spunking, Mistress fed my cum to me, scooping it up in her gloved fingers and forcing it into my mouth. I lay there, cum on my face, recovering for a few minutes, my mind a whirl, grateful for the release but so sad that an amazing session was all but over. I then went to clean myself up. I returned to the dungeon from the bathroom and Mistress greeted me, asking if I was OK. As I made to leave, Mistress bade me farewell with a lovely hug and some kind words. The session was very powerful at the time, but it stayed with me for several days. Mistress Josephine is the real thing. She is strict, of course, and naturally beautiful. But she is also perceptive and kind – though she never stops being in charge for a second and will come down on you like a ton of bricks if you step out of line. If you trust her with your body and your submission, you will not regret it. One extra point – Mistress was happy to discuss my session beforehand, as I say, but she will also take phone calls. The chance to speak to a Mistress between sessions, to discuss what happened and what might happen next time, is a real privilege. I am due to see Mistress again next week, and I will write her another report of our time together. I cannot wait.