I asked Mistress Josephine to feminize me in order to train me to make an ideal husband. I explained to her that before an intelligent, beautiful woman I was a helpless romantic, ready to do whatever she wanted to make her happy. As part of my training she acted as my wife and forced her meek husband to shave his legs and take a bikini wax so that he was hairless like a little girl. She then dressed me in knee high stockings, pretty pink panties, a petticoat and a pink satin dress. A shoulder length wig and makeup followed. I am very small and slim and Mistress used this to further embarrass me, saying what a pretty girl I made. Mistress Josephine cupped her hands around my small face and said what smooth skin I had, tracing her nails down my cheeks to my neck, then down my spine to my bottom, making me shudder with submission and coo in high pitch pleasure. Whenever I tried to resist or complain she treated me like a young lady, staring deep into my eyes and quelling me into submission with her feminine authority. Those stern caring eyes! They reduced me to a helpless sissy, powerless to resist. It was made clear to me that Mistress Josephine knows best and silly little men like me have to do exactly as she says. It’s for my own good! After curtsey practice I played the flute for her whilst she noted every mistake I made. Dressed as a girl while playing Mozart I realised how subconsciously I had been preparing myself to be a sissy husband. At the end of each piece I held my flute in one hand and curtseyed using the other while Mistress applauded. I truly felt like a young lady, soaking in the encouragement and blushing at the attention from a “big girl.” But I had made a few mistakes and so Mistress Josephine strapped me to a whipping chair. She then spanked me on the bottom and made me sing nursery rhymes until I was sobbing and had learnt my lesson to always practise my flute. Needless to say by the end I was her adoring sissy boy and look forward to my next session where I understand I must massage Mistress Josephine’s feet among other things. I am still far away from being the ideal sissy husband but with Mistress Josephine’s exquisitely humiliating training I will get there. She was perfect in every way. This was due to the extensive consultation before hand, as well as her natural beauty and imagination. As a confident, assertive heterosexual male I can say that there are few pleasures greater than being humiliated into a sissy boy and serving your partner with total respect and awe. I recommend it to everyone. ——