Divine Mistress Josephine, What can I say that would do justice to yourself or the session, I fear I’m just not that eloquent. It was a fantastic session, thank you so much. I’ve been sessioning for over twenty years, and, I was going to say, that has to be the best that I’ve experienced, but that doesn’t capture it. It was extraordinary, and I’m still puzzling over how you achieved it. True, we talked before, but there is no way I told you as much as you knew. And if it wasn’t something you knew, but was instinctive, well then you are a true treasure. You pitched the session perfectly for me. I loved it. Sessions are about sharing I know; but I’ve never experienced one where it felt so attuned, where our experiences felt so interwoven. You could have lead us absolutely anywhere, done whatever you wished and I would have given my soul to be the one you took along that journey with you. I’m sorry, you must get this all the time. It’s very presumptuous of me I know, and I apologise, but I’ve never had such an empathetic session before. In fact I’m not sorry for saying it at all, I may not have the words, but I do want you to know how privileged I feel that you somehow created what was a wonderful experience. I feel my life has been enriched by our meeting. Thank you. I am curious about one thing though. You recall when I was sitting at your feet and you were controlling the gas mask, how did you know you didn’t need to restrain me to ensure complete control? Breath control can lead to all sorts of reactions. I knew that there was no way I would try to resist you, no matter how far you took me; but how did you know that? I loved you for trusting my reaction of course. I suppose that is the answer; that’s a far stronger binding than leather or metal. I’ll tell a secret, before I came to you I was a little concerned that I was walking into a rather sever and hands off, clinical breath-control session. I think it’s the photograph style and some of the wording on the website. It projects an image of a rather severe cold Mistress (which I’m sure is totally intentional). But there’s a bit of a mismatch with the real you (he said with a big smile on his face). But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that actually you are a total sweetheart ….. ok, a sweetheart who puts plastic bags on people’s heads, but a sweetheart nonetheless J. I am in awe. I do hope some of what I was feeling was shared. You got so inside me; I hope you knew. Keep my soul safe. Until the next time, I remain your still smiling slave steve And I didn’t even mention your lovely feet. Oh I do miss them.