The session began with me naked, on all fours before her shiny PVC encased form, those womanly curves, that magnificent bust, and long red fingernails that i dream will tease my cock to distraction! I’m sure that if Mistress let me lick the tips that i would cum on command!
My mouth and tongue lavish attention on Mistress’ feet in greeting, moaning as i flick my tongue over Her exposed toes.
Firstly She had me on my knees, of course, ‘cleaning’ Her shoes in turn whilst She reclined on a leather sofa, allowing me to hold Her calves and caress them as I licked at the patent leather, and licked the soles clean, Mistress complimenting me on my ‘energetic’ tongue.  She soon had Her 6 inch spikes in between my lips, watching me intently as i caressed the length of the phallic heels with the tip of my tongue, before taking each length deep in my mouth. Then to make sure i would be able to take a wider girth between my lips, She had both heels in my mouth, making me suck them both nice and deep as i slid my tongue in between the ‘shafts’. Mistress was preparing me for what was to come!
After satisfying Her with my heel sucking, She led me to Her fetters bench and proceeded to strap my torso and legs, of course wide apart, presenting my vulnerable ass, and cuffed both hands to the front legs of the bench. I felt her hot thighs ease between my legs, and her hands, encased in latex gloves, took hold of my ass cheeks before a lubed finger traced its way down my crack, tracing across my ring, to the top of my sac. Her fingers circled the top of my sac and, gently at first, pulled down on my balls. She repeated this again and again, enjoying the deep gutteral moans She was forcing from my lips. i even felt her long red nails through the latex glove, digging into my sac, caging my excited balls as She tugged and released again and again, loosening them, stretching them, kneading them, making my cock-tip show its appreciation with a copious amount of pre-cum, before giving the shaft a couple of meaningful strokes, pulling the shaft gently back toward Her. Yes, i’m hers once more, my balls in Her fingers!
Mistress seemed to take great amusement from toying with my heavy balls, and with them still in Her tight grip She began to ‘prepare’ my ass. Teasing my ring gently before easing a lubed finger, then two, into my eager ass, probing for my prostate to bring me to a higher state of arousal.
After affixing a suitably sized black strap on cock, She slowly walked around the bench and presented it to my lips. She slid Her cock slowly in and out, watching me ‘give head’, fucking my mouth! She withdrew and i licked at the head repeatedly, until, using Her hands to hold my head in place, She fucked my mouth once again. She then returned to my ass, positioned herself between my thighs, and after giving my now blue balls a final tug, presented the head of Her cock to my ring, and mounted me. She proceeded to drill my ass, fucking me thoroughly as i moaned my appreciation, gripping my hips, ensuring Her length penetrated me fully with each stroke.
After releasing me from the bench, She swiftly tethered me with a cock ring around the root and balls, and had me strapped to the St Andrews cross after which She disappeared for a short time. She returned with another slave, hooded, large cock and big full balls exposed. She took his cock in Her fingers and slowly, with only 4 or 5 strokes, brought him to a full erection! She positioned the slave, seating him on a bench, with legs fully spread to give full access to his cock and balls.
Releasing me from the cross She led me to the bench and had me kneeling in front of the stiff phallus. On the command of “now suck him” i took the hot swollen head between my lips and tentatively bobbed my head back and forth a couple of times, feeling it swell in my mouth, before taking a good portion of the length into my throat. i could almost sense Mistress’ eyes watching intently as i ‘performed’ for Her, sucking a real cock, curling my fingers around the thick shaft, sucking harder on the throbbing helmet, using my tongue to tease it, running it up and down the slit. “Now play with his balls” She commanded, so i gently took the big balls in my fingers rolling them from side to side until finally i stuck out my tongue and began to lick at the heavy sac. After arousing the sac for some time i managed to suck one of his balls into my mouth and gently pull and suck simultaneously, then moving to the other ball to repeat the treatment before taking both balls into my mouth and sucking hard.  Mistress then ordered me to lay on my back, and led the hooded slave to a position kneeling over on top of me. She was going to have us ‘69’ for Her, cock on cock. She watched as i took the cock in my mouth once again. We began giving head to the other’s cock, pulling balls and wanking stiff shafts for some time until Mistress had seen enough. Dismissing the other slave Mistress then had me on my back, and laying across my torso, took me by the balls, pulling them tight. Taking my cock in Her free hand She began stroking. She wasn’t teasing or wanking it, She was milking it, working my cock to take my spunk….using me. As She expertly brought me to an intense orgasm…..yes, She does own my cock, and balls….I’m Her bitch!