This is my field of expertise. My client arrives and our eyes meet and the connection is made. It is a pleasure to meet you Mistress Josephine. We discuss his session requirements. I now have corporal punishment, foot worship and TV transformation to look forward to. I tell him to undress in the bathroom and when he returns naked I notice he is shaven and pierced with a Hafada (ball piercing) and a Prince Albert both of a heavy gauge.

We started with corporal punishment and good hand warm up then spanking. Onto the whips all the while encouraging him to take on board the sensation and rewarding him for doing so well. In between strokes taking the time to whisper into his ear and look deeply into his eyes. Onto the strap and tawse testing his limits. Next up the crop and the feared cane. The stripes are coming up beautifully and I am full of strict nuture. I apply soothing cooling lotion onto his glowing bottom and use the opportunity to share the heat with him.

Now we look through his clothing he has brought with. Such beautiful hand made thigh length leather boots, a dominant looking leather corset with buckles and rings. Silky smooth stockings and panties complete the outfit. Adjourning his outfit he has androgynous exciting look. 

My feet are ready to be worshiped and as he is so close to me it gives me the perfect opportunity to talk to him and begin the art of seduction of his mind. So much information readily poured out of him such a powerful exchange of words.

Such an intense and rewarding session from both sides he now belongs to me!