I arrived at Mistress Josephine Chambers at the set time arranged next thing I know I got to see Mistress Josephine awesome black hair and red lipstick in person and can I just say (photos do do her justice truly beautiful) and on arrival I handed over tribute.

Next thing we had a chat about what I want from the session and my experiences and everything while she smoked which I will say turned me on.

Then we started the session she asked me to strip down to my underwear and then she told me to lay on the floor and the squashing begun under her full weight and may I tell you she knows how to deliver. 

Mistress Josephine had an awesome latex dress and was wearing an black thong. Once she squashed me enough and teasing me – She asked me to go on my knees and worship her legs while rubbing them up and down then ordered me to rub her ass cheeks then to kiss them then she push her ass into my nose with all her pressure waiting for me to tap which I did.

Then she got me back on the floor and smothered me with her infamous cleavage which was tough and pleasing at the same time.

Then she asked me to rest my head on the chair for her to sit on my face and put her legs up on my groin. 

Then finally this was the position to finish me off and was infact Mistress Josephine’s favourite I was pinned up against the brick wall and Mistress Josephine would press her ass hard into my nose and squeezing her ass cheeks so my nose would have no escape and full on pressure and then she smashed her ass into my face and head hitting brick wall which was a turn on for me. she replied “I like your nose fucking my ass” then the session ended.

Overall Mistress Josephine is so sexy and strict I would gladly session again soon!